Woodland Services

Arboriginal are happy to help you get the most from your woodland. Be it for commercial timber production, greenwood working or amenity use our depth of experience gives best results with minimum impact. We are also interested in low impact living and are happy to offer advice and practical support for woodland gardening and other permaculture projects.

Woodland Management

Woodlands are a hugely diverse habitat which through sensitive management can be a source of valuable materials whilst maintaining that which provides homes for a plethora of life. Arboriginal are happy to offer advice and practical support for all kinds of woodland management projects.Whether it be felling /thinning for fire wood and timber production or coppicing to produce fencing, hurdles, charcoal or other green wood products.


Coppicing is an ancient method of woodland management where by tree are felled and the stumps allowed to regrow producing multiple stems which can be harvested when they reach a suitable size .Hazel can be used for charcoaling, hurdle making, bean and pea sticks. Ash will yield fire wood and tool handles, Sweet chestnut makes excellent fencing material. We are interested in even small pockets of woodland, even the embankments of disused railway lines can yield worthwhile crops and by putting wood back to coppice a huge amount of diversification is created as the additional light and warmth on the woodland floor brings to life plants which may have been dormant for many years.


The thinning of a woodland in essential if good timber stock is to be grown. The aim is to remove weak or dominant trees and those with features that make them undesirable for timber production, i.e. trees with multiple or broken leaders or large branch unions close to ground level. These trees are removed to allow selected trees to grow into the space provided and to facilitate access for future works. Depending on the size and species of trees being felled determines any value of fallen trees.

Stock Fencing

In any woodland situation Deer and rabbits or livestock can cause damage to young trees or regrowth from coppice stools.The installation and maintenance of sturdy stock proof fencing can provide a long term solution and save time spent maintaining individual tree shelters. we are happy to offer advice and estimates on a variety of stock fencing options